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Japanese Fashion Trend

japanese fashion trend
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Bon, a fashion house in Hiroshima, has been creating some buzz on the Internet. What for, you ask? Well, it turns out their clothing, actually intended for fashion-forward Zen priests, is being bought be regular Joes as well. Which leads us to ask: What Braces are the latest teenage fashion trend in Asia. According to the Vice UK compared to the US which had a GDP of $15.06 trillion in 2011. Vice UK reports that the "best part" about the fashionable faux braces is that they don't need to be inserted If all of our least favorite things about American style were cross-pollinated into one distinct look, we’d have the latest Japanese fashion craze, gal (ギャル or gyaru), which has taken life in a group of women that go by the name Black Diamond. Superman is famed for donning scarlet undies over his blue superhero suit, and now it seems the fad for wearing pants other than under your trousers has hit the Japanese fashion world. The inspiration for this bizarre fashion statement lies with the film The coming of spring brings a coming change in fashion, which in turn prompts many to consider a slight change to their hairstyles. Lopping off a considerable length to go from “long” to “short”, adding a few streaks or coloring for accent, or Apparently, eyeball licking is considered to be the new “second base” for Japanese kids, The Daily Caller reported. Teachers first started noticing an uptick in students wearing eye patches. They first blamed it on a fashion trend .

Teachers at Japanese middle schools who noticed more of their students showing up at school wearing eye patches assumed it was the latest fashion craze until a post to a website by a teacher revealed it was caused by a new trend, "eyeball licking. Over the years, Japanese schoolgirls have spearheaded an array of trends. They've set the agenda. From tech to fashion, they've been innovators, dictating to the nation what's cool and what's not. This latest trend is anything but cool. Disgusting? Some trends simply fade out and new fashion trends are introduced. One of the most popular styles of fashion that has quickly invaded the scene and that continues to grow in popularity is that of Asian style fashion. The problem with seeking out Asian “Wearing a mask makes me look cuter!” Some companies are even seeking to capitalize on this new fashion trend, such as Picomask, which has been selling stylish and colorful surgical masks since 2010. Other testimonies by those who say they wear .


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japanese fashion trend

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japanese fashion trend

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japanese fashion trend

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japanese fashion trend

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